Welcome to Hygge Workbook! Hygge Workbook is an open-source GitHub-based book of knowledge for distributed teams that covers various aspects of the new way of working, from creating and managing atomic work tasks to surviving the mental health marathon. None of this is purely theoretical. We’ve studied successful remote projects and personally experimented with these ideas well before COVID changed the work culture landscape.

How to use Hygge Workbook?

There are lots of ways you can use Hygge Workbook:

1. As a candidate.

Some companies use Hygge work approach, and Hygge Workbook serves as a company handbook for them. If you’d like to discover more about this method of operating and see if it’s a fit for you, start with these articles:

What’s a Hygge Company?

Guiding principles

Remote work approach in Hygge companies

Tools we use

Hygge Work Instagram

2. As someone working in a company using Hygge Work approach.

If you’re already a part of Hygge Company, Hygge Work serves as a guiding book to navigate your work and keeping the right balance. Our best articles:


Planning your work

GitHub Issue tracker

Taking care of your wellbeing with Sisu

Growth in Hygge Companies


3. As a remote team lead.

Leading a distributed team is a virtue. The good news is that everyone can learn it! Take a look at the following pieces to help you in your journey:

Career development for your team

Feedback articles

Building connections with your team

Creating value for team

Hygge Work LinkedIn with great tips & tricks

Everything else tagged “Leading”

4. As a People Ops professional.

There are a number of solid HR-practices that we developed for distributed teams. Take a look to get insired:

Hiring in Hygge Companies

Challenge program for selection

Onboarding templates

Talent development approach

Peer coaching to establish connections in your team

Company retreats

Hygge Work LinkedIn with great tips & tricks

5. As a curious passerby.

Double-thanks for coming over. Here is a list of things that might catch your attention:

Why do we call it “Hygge Work”

Who’s behind Hygge Work project

Get in touch

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