Meet the Team

Hygge Work is a multidisciplinary GitHub-based project with various contributors. It is a vibrant tapestry of individuals who hail from different backgrounds and experiences. Some of us are the innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Others are the meticulous documentarians, capturing the essence of successful remote teamwork experiences.

Each member of our team brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Every idea that flows from the pens (or keyboards) of our authors is rigorously tested in the real world within multiple remote teams across the globe.

Some contributors are mentioned below. Get to know the remarkable individuals who make up our team and explore the wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom they bring to the world of remote teamwork.

  • Asya Isakova
    Organizational psychologist & people advocate. Uses organizational sciences and a bit of magic to make remote teams happy.
  • Evgeny Dmitriev
    Before starting BlockShop and Inca Digital, Ev used to help people print money, arrest international fugitives, and elect U.S. presidents.
  • Inga Kasparavichute
    BI Analyst. Background in cross-cultural communications and project management. A good table tennis opponent.
  • Marina Chibizova
    Excited about bringing data driven business insights into product development. Studying eastern philosophies and practicing yoga in my spare time.
  • Sofia Kozeeva
    Digital Marketer. Studied Marketing in the heart of Pizzaland.
  • Yana Stanchenkova
    Studied Clinical Psychology for 5,5 years, then worked with autistic kids. Onboarding guru and work/life balance promoter.