Inca Digital Benefits and Perks


Inca Digital Benefits and Perks

Well-thought benefits packages help Hygge companies retain their top-talents. In this post we shed some light on benefits that Inca Digital offers to their employees.

Effective remote work

Being Hygge company, Incas don’t track the vacation days and time-off. Incas compensation remains the same even when they are off work for a while, as they don’t get paid for their presence, but for the accomplished tasks.

To make sure that all the employees have adequate work environment, Inca Digital covers co-working expenses for their team-members. There is also an early childcare refund for nursery, kindergarten, or preschool for up to 6-year-old kids. A useful thing for working parents, indeed!


Health insurance, any sports compensation, mental health counseling - is there anything else you can dream of to stay healthy and wealthy? If yes, you can always contact Inca Hygge team and suggest a new benefit. They’ll make their best to make it happen.

Team meetups

Social gatherings are very important for distributed teams like Inca Digital. To meet every-human-need in socializing, they organize workations for the whole team and smaller events called Inca Meetups all over the planet.

Watch Incas workation video from Greece in September'21 and you’d definitely want to join them next time!



Inca Digital is a perfect place to start your digital nomad journey (or keep your current one even more interesting). They have a set of relocation options available, and they are ready to support your move of a dream. Have you packed your suitcase yet?

In addition, they have foreseen the support for emergency cases, so Incas feel secure and protected even in unrest situations.

If you’re interested to join Inca Digital, have a look at their Careers page and join a Hygge company that will make you happy.